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polk momo 6.5" comp set

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1. Product: polk momo component set

2. Specs:

3. Description/Condition: woofers and crossovers in great condition, one tweeter does not work due to water damage.

4. Price: :130 shipped obo

5. Pictures:


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these things are cool, I gotta dump a few things off before I can look at buying anything though. :(
If I but these where can I get just a single tweeter to replace the bad one?
ill be honest i have no idea. but i never tried to look for one besides posting a wtb thread here for one a while back. ill call around tomorrow and see if i can find one.
Calling Polk might be a good start. These are long time discontinued but everytime i called Polk for some most random polk-related things most of the time they can dig some stuff up (from their basement i quess lol), a few times i even got some things for free. Free item, free shipping.. honestly Polk customer service is exceptional but call them, don't waste time emailing.
Would you not be able to just replace the tweeters with a different brand/model?
Might be interested if possible.
lol thank you sir. i cannot locate a replacement tweeter as of now, i will bump it up once i find one!
these are good 6.5's, just drop the price to 100 shipped and they should get gone
I had PMd ya, let me know if you still have theese...
I SAW THESE ON CL lol nice bro
I SAW THESE ON CL lol nice bro
really? i dont remember putting them up. lol maybe i did idk. i havent really put much effort into getting these things gone because i have been so busy. its summer now so im ready to liquidate all my stuff!
where you at in forida,naybe i can pick them up from you/..
I just called Polk asking about replacement tweeters. They dont have a single tweeter for the MM6 anywhere, but they do have tweeters from their newer MM line which they said will be near identical except they don't have a red dome... they're black instead.
$50 each per tweeter.

Just thought you might want to know. :)
Not sure if it plays any role (i would assume it does) but new MM line if 2.7Ohms while these are 4Ohms... I'm not so sure i'd use those tweeters with this set.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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