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Ok guys I have a sketch for my door panel.
The reason I'm doing this is because the qts of my woofer is 0.17 (B&C 8NW51)
The dimensions are 29x9x3 for the square part. The port is 2" in diameter and 4-5" in length. It should give a tuning around 70ish Hz.

The area for the woofer will be recessed into the door panel where the existing hole is and sealed with mdf and fiberglass. The access hole will be done the same way. This is to gain more airspace and have the woofer sit in the door too.
It will be resined and painted so it will be protected from water.

The part I need help on is how to finish it and make it look nice. My idea so far is to extend the door panel over the pod and fiberglass it to try to blend it in with the stock part of the panel. Anyone have other suggestions?

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