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I started buying the 12's for my build and decided to get dvc 4 ohm subs in case i ever change my amps up and I feel they will be easier to get rid of if I ever upgrade. Anyways my amp makes its most power at 4ohms (bench tested at 920rms x 1 @ 4 ohms) so what kind of power would I see wiring the subs to an 8 ohm load? I think this is how I should wire them if Im thinking correctly. This is the spec on my amp:

Bridged Into A 4-Ohm Load: 700 watts x 1 (bench tested it did 920rms x 1)
Per Channel Into A 2-Ohm Load: 350 watts x 2
Per Channel Into A 4-Ohm Load: 175 watts x 2

I actually have 2 I will be running 4 12's off of. The subs are rated for 400rms/800peak. Its a budget build to do until I get my other subs I wanted in the first place.
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