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question for any and all

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So I'm going with a new build for this season. I'm running 3000 rms @ 1ohm. I want a new sub setup and lost between two choices should I go with a single DC lvl 5 12 or a pair of sa 12's. Both are in a 88 Mazda rx-7 and both will start in a standard ported box
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I would do the 2 sa 12's... but that lvl5 is pretty bada$$ itself...

EDIT-Oh, and Those sa 12's won't handle no 3k lol
is this only for numbers or street beating? sa series wont do 3k daily but the lvl 5 will
Definitely street beating if I did sa's the final idea would be 4 in a forth order wall which can handle 3kand a whole lot cheaper than even two lvl5. Lvl 5's are bad ass but crazy expensive
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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