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Quick build in my brother's Durango.

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Well, my brother has been dying for some sound so we decided to throw some shit together for him today.

Bought (4) DC lvl2 15's locally and got to work. This truck was a virgin so we had a lot to do. Big 3, 1/0 to the nsb90 in the back. Box is a little small because we were trying to save some room, but in retrospect, what's another 3 cubes or so? Lol. It's 10cf net. 148 sq in of port. Tuned to 45 for comps and 33 daily.

And away we go...

It's his first real box. He's stoked.

Coming together.

Decided on 2 forward and 2 up with port back.

Inside shot.



Wired up and ready to go. Obviously have some cleaning up to do.

And the results. Not bad for about 6 hours of work start to finish and 805 clamped watts. Still need to tweak some things here and there and do some more testing. Voltage is way too low so I need to diagnose that. It shouldn't be that bad with a 1k on an nsb90. It peaks pretty high but it's only 6-7 tenths down from this number at 40hz.

Overall, a pretty fun day. Lol.
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those subs look familiar :)
nice build. im wondering why you are running the subs facing forward vs towards the rear? i would think they would load better facing rear.
those subs look familiar :)
:thumbsup: I can't wait to get some power on these things. They're starving! Lol. Might throw them on the D5 today. Or at least put the other PB 1k in.
launchem on the d5 at a half?? oh dear
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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