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"random" grounds off the battery

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I'm doing big3, have Rockford's battery terminal and whole bunch of 0g, 4g and 8g wires and connectors.

Rockford's terminal that will be installed on a negative (ground) post will host oem ground wire, 0g big3 wire and will still have 0g-or-4g port and 8g port available for me to stick more wires in there lol.

I know BIG3 is really all you need but there are also bunch of "grounding kits" available which do the same as gib 3 but without bat+ to alt wire, basically just improving ground itself.

So here's my question: can i use those 2 ports available at my terminal to have more ground points?? It'll basically be some thing like this:

Port #1 - big 3 0g (chassis and engine block)
Port #2 - 8g stock ground wire
Port #3 - 0g to a different chassis location then big3 wire will go to
Port #4 - 8g to just about anywhere i can reach lol

Can having that many grounding points, some of which are on the same part of the car jsut in different locating have a negative effect? Some weird "ground loops" or somehow cancel each other out??

I don't really see why it would be a negative but would rather ask before doing it.​
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It'll be fine, yes you can do that, no that won't cause ground loops.
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