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RE SE build

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Ok doing this for a local kid. He has 2 12" RE SE's, the older style, and he wants a nice box for them. This is going in an Infinity L30. The box is going to be 4 cubes @ 33Hz.

I am building this right now so pics will be uploaded as i work.

Port being assembled:

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my router died so i had to do the round overs with my sander ftl. not too bad tho

got everything predrilled on the bottom because i like to screw it all in when its being clamped so im usually upside down. this helped out a ton lol

back wall clamped screwed and drying

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everything is gonna be moving slow on this because im not feeling too good and the dust is really getting to me. but i will update as i go.
looking good SE are some great sounding sub's.
makin progress lol

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looks great bro
nice man.
how do you get it at exactly 33hz?
length of the port relative to the volume of the box.
a little more progress today. ive been lazy about getting this done but the dude wants it today so i got to get movin lol. not having my router is really slowing me down.

45d the port wall corner but since im an idiot and rounded it over i had to fill it in a little bit lol.

a little jig that i made to help me with the 45s. i would love a compressor and a nail gun but that isnt in the budget yet lol

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