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Scion Xb WaLLLLLLLLL! 2-18" T3 Tsns.....

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2006- Scion Xb

The wall will start Thursday!! Going to be running 2 18" T3 Audio Tsns with a Sound Digital 12 or 16k :D

Box will be 19 cubes internal after all displacment with 487 sq inches or port tuned to 45hz.

Also installed T3 audio interior speakers in the doors, dash, and tweeter!

This will be my first wall attempt so wish me luck. Special thanks to Chris aka DECAF on here for helping with the design and Ed from T3 Audio for all he has done. i look forward to running mecca this year and look forward to a great year with T3 Audio.

Stay tuned for pics soon :thumbsup:
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wow thats alot of port area. its all about fun,your poor car is gonna hate ya gl.
Yes good luck with your build also Hack :) I wanna put up a # so its big box lots of port and put up a # lol
goal is 153+... i have a feeling tim will be well past that number

goodbye m3 state record
we can only hope bro! Thanks again for all the help you have gave. I really appreciate it. If anyone needs box deisgn or a man with great knowledge talk to DECAF
is that the new tsns 18s? if so im extra excited to see this
Yes they will be the new Tsns 18s
m3 cool same class as me good luck
This is going to be a nice build im tuned in:thumbsup:
we definately bounced ideas back and forth for awhile, and with the help of ed and t3 this will be a loud car in 2011
well my car is as ready for it as it can be. doors probally weight 30lbs more then stock lol with all this dynamate... Can't wait for the turnout
Yes good luck with your build also Hack :) I wanna put up a # so its big box lots of port and put up a # lol
thanks, 153db should be cake. shoot for the stars, 160db
its all going to come down to electrical and everything has to be right! i dont care if this takes me 3 months, it will be right !
(152.9 is his state m3 record f.y.i.... hence the low goal to start)
Good luck to you bro, tuned in for this.
well 152.9 is my goal to start :p
speakerbox, you are the one that inspire me to do this build lol. Goodluck with your 4 18 setup man!
i will tell you one thing, this scion wont be a failure :)
1 - 20 of 155 Posts
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