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SCREWED by Skar/1800woofers/subtillis

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On January 23, 2011 I had won an ebay 2 separate ebay auctions each for an RD 3250.1 amplifier, the seller was 1800woofers aka Skar/Subtillis.

RD AUDIO 3250.1 CLASS D LINKABLE MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIER - eBay (item 170593444445 end time Jan-23-11 20:38:38 PST)

RD AUDIO 3250.1 CLASS D LINKABLE MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIER - eBay (item 170593444633 end time Jan-23-11 20:39:34 PST)

Once the auctions were over, I sent the payment for both amplifiers via paypal. The same night he refunded my payment for the amplifiers, and didn't even bother sending me a message first as to why the payment was refunded. I messaged him asking why the payment was refunded, and his excuse was that the amplifiers had blew upon testing them.

Here is both of our messages from one another, everything was copied and pasted word for word...

Me- Why did you refund my payment for both rd3250.1's?

1800woofers- When testing them there was a short that caused them to be unfunctional now. I tried ending the auction early because of this for both but it would not allow it, so i had to wait until someone won the auction. I am verry sorry sir

Me- Go ahead and send me them to me anyways. I'll buy them for that price even if they are blown.

1800woofers- Sir they are already in transit to be replaced, 3-4 weeks fix time. This is why I refunded

Me- Can you ship them to me once they come back from repair? I would really like my amplifiers that I won in the auction.

1800woofers- Well since they are already gone and I've refunded you, I think the best way to do this would be for me to email you once they come back in, alright?

Me- I would like them to be shipped straight from the repair center to my door. Where are they being repaired? I would like to call them myself and talk to them about the amplifiers, such as what blew/failed etc.

1800woofers- Sir I will handle the repairs and then email you when I get them back

Me- Any word on the amps repair status? any idea why they blew?

1800woofers- Not sure yet

(I have every message saved on ebay, as well as a screenshot of each saved on my computer).

Now I was feeling like I had been the victim of fraud and bad business ethics at the beginning. After more researching, my buddy contacted him on ebay and he ADMITTED to selling one of the amps I rightfully bought.


EBAY messages between my buddy and him:

skar audio/1800woofers- I sent him an email stating they were sold once I found out they worked, so I don't know why he is having others contact me. I PROMPTLY issued him a full refund for the purchase. He is out no loss, so please don't make it look like I scammed him. One was purchased off a forum member.

Thanks, and please let him know.


(I run very legit companies as my high feedback here demonstrates)

skar audio/1800woofers- I had sold the 1 amp after not hearing back from him. To be honest, I have never purposely cheated a customer. Anyone who deals with me knows this. if he needs any accessories or other equipment I will help him out a ton to make it right. Threatening me however is not the right way to keep in communication.

He never once did not hear back from me! He never offered to sell me just one of the amplifiers (obviously since he told me that they were both blown), but instead led me on that eventually these amplifiers will be repaired, and then I will be able to repurchase BOTH of them once as they are in his possession again. WRONG! He sold the amps out from under me for $400 on As I figured, he did not get the money wanted and backed out/lied to me AND ADMITS IT ON THE FORUM! Look in the following link where the amp was sold on January 22, 2011 and bidding did not end on ebay until January 23, 2011. Talk about a crooked guy. NEVER deal with this crap.

2 RD Audio 3250.1s GREAT DEAL - SSA Car Audio Forum
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Just as an FYI, he was banned from this site due to his shady business methods long ago.

Since he is not a member here I am going to close this thread but I will leave it so that others can see his ways.
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