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Shuriken BT-16v. anyone use them?

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saw these. look pretty descent. wondering if anyone has used them before. im looking into 6 of them at this time.

SHURiKEN SK-BT16V (SKBT16V) 51 Amp 16V Car Battery Power Cell
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No.. but they look exactly like the kinetik audio
treo15x2 used them and loved them usampsman has them now.
im really looking for how they compare to the xs power batts. these would save me a bundle of cash.
Don't think I would really compare or should I say they compare to xs about the same as kinetik compares to xs. SUPPOSEDLY they are made at the same factory as kinetik but that doesn't really mean they are the same. I ran a bt-80 and a kinetik 1800 (seprately but on pretty much the same equipment) and had pretty much the same results
so they are pretty much a kinetik without the 3rd post?
looks like a good deal, im lookn for a bunch now to (16-20) and it seems noone in the us has quanity of them.
I have not used both. But I have personally had the chance to compare them. From the ratings and weight they are not the same battery. The Shuriken is lighter and has a lower Ah rating then the Kinetik.
how do they compare to xs power d1600?
I have not seen the new d1600 so I can't say. I think its a matter of opinion really.
they look promising
i kno the 12 volt battries sucked they bubbled and boiled in the lincoln
We had that problem as well with a couple of the smaller 6-800 ones. But not all.
according to the independent test done a long time ago comparing kinetik, turbostart, xs and some other 16v batt, the xs won by a far range.

They put a 500A load on all batts until they died and the XS held out just over 80sec whereas the kinetik came in 2nd and couldnt even holdup for 30sec.

This leads me to believe that either-
A - XS has a lower voltage drop for burps... or..
B - The 500A load wasn't high enough current to accurately test how well these batts can hold up...

I will say this though.. when running 16v, users run a quantity so in reality, the 500A load should be a similar scenario of how much current is being pulled out of a single battery as a worse-case-scenario...

So based on the test.. it would take about 3 kinetiks to equal 1 D1000 (i'm sure the d1600 has a slight edge over the 1000)

So... if the Shuriken isn't as good as the Kinetik.... XS all the way for 16v.
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Thank you shizzon you answered my question
First Shuriken and Kinetik are the same battery with a different label EXCEPT the 16 volts batteries. Shuriken buys theirs from a different place then Kinetik. The Kinetik (three post) 16 volt is a better battery then the Shuriken 16 volt.

As for XS Power, their battery is a little better BUT, no single 16 volt battery listed would hold up to a 500 amp draw as they all are way too small and if the load required more then one battery, then cost would start to weigh in more then single battery performance. If you are going to run over 1,000 watts of power with any 16 volt listed in this thread, then you would have to run a minimum of two batteries....
what can i say... independent tests are done for a reason..
There is no reason for them to lie...

And even the D1600 is rated to withstand up to 2,400A for 5 seconds, or 675A for 30seconds..

If i'm not mistaken, MA and CA are tested to 10.5v?
Indepenent test tested the 16v down to 9.5v, complete failure...

So regardless of how precisely accurate the test is\was...

I've always believed this-

XS\Odyssey\Xstatic are the king for holding voltage high during burps.

Kinetik\Shuriken\Deka are the best bang for your buck when using them for daily driving(long term use)
Notice how i said best bang for your buck...
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I'm looking for a daily driven system. Looking at 6 batts total. Pushing a cactus sounds k5.
XS ftw
I think for a daily system they will work. Just remember to not charge them to high. And spread your amp connections throughout the bank. Do that and they will be fine.
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