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Silverado doors. 5 sets of boston SR components.

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i thought i would post this in a separate build log besides my main thread just incase anyone wanted ideas for ther own GM door panels since this is a popular interior.

Speakers...... 4 sets of Boston Acoustics SR60s and a mid from a SR50. ( the tweeter will be mounted in the wall with another set of SR50's

the point of no return!

baffles out of 1/4" mdf....

ready for glass

ther will be black plexi inserts over the speakers. i didnt want to have to make rings that wer this complex so i attached 1/2" templates that will be back filled with everglass.

the process.

pop them out and this is what you get..... the long strand everglass is good for this becasue of the large build up... also it is very strong so i can get away with such thin edges.

this piece will cover up the stock cloth insert. i used 1/4" lexan that i sanded down. the reason i used somthing clear (and lexan cuz its stronger than plexi) is becasue it will be covered in laser perforated suede. when you backlight looks amazing.
i also superglued bolts in place to attach it to the door

painted the back white so more light will reflect. i masked off areas that LEDS will be

here it is wrapped.......i couldnt avoid the seam. so i improvised with some stock Velour.
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the top insert. 3/32" plexi that will have the back painted black.

bottom insert

the lower insert will have my logo masked off on the back when i paint it. i will frost this and backlight it.

Done except for the logo. (got impatient and messed up the paint, il redo it later)

meanwhile 9515rob is runnin his shok thru the stang in my messy *** garage haha
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That looks more like a man cave then a garage
That is CLEAN! How do they sound?
dont know yet lol
nice doors they turned out great
good job
The doors are hot..
looks tits man!
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