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[SOLD]9886 bundle

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1. Product:
9886, PXA-H100, KTX-H100

2. Specs:
9886: Alpine CDA-9886 CD receiver at Crutchfield Signature

PXA-H100: Alpine PXA-H100 IMPRINT Audio Processor Tunes your Alpine receiver to your vehicle's acoustics at

KTX-H100- Alpine KTX-H100 MultEQ tuning kit for the Alpine PXA-H100 at

This does come with the iPod cable as well. :thumbsup:

3. Description/Condition:
9886- One of the selector switches on the bottom got pushed in when being switched over to be used with the processor. As long as you use the processor that comes with it all is well. If you, for some reason, wanted to switch to just use the HU you would have to pop the cover off and switch it. I'm not sure if you can get the plastic piece to fix it or not as I never needed too. Other than that it works fantastic.

KTX-H100- I never used it since I bought it. I did buy it used but its just a mic and disc. Both are in excellent condition.

PXA-H100- In perfect working order. I have cleaned it up so it is presentable. It does have a scratch to two though since its been used. Its pretty much meant to be hidden so no big deal.

4. Price: :

300 shipped OBO for everything. I will not separate and the only trades I would be interested in is an MS8 or BIT ONE. Or something really nice like a DCT-Z1 or the like. If you have an offer please PM me.

5. Pictures:

Pushed in switch.


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Upon further review I'll do 300 OBO. Feel free to Pm an offer. Don't be shy.
txt me im goin to work but im interested.
Another great deal. Too bad i dont have the cash id take it off your hands! This too will go pretty damn fast
Bump for a great deal! If you change your mind on parting it out let me know.

Pp sent its miiiiine!!!
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