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[SOLD] O/S German Made MB Quart 6.5 coaxial and 5.25 comps ---CHEAP---

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Item(s) for Sale:

MB Quart DKD116 6.5 Coaxial
MB Quart DSD213 5.25 Components

These are early 2000's German made MB Quarts.

Item(s) Description/Condition:

Both sets are like new with original boxes. there are one or two veryyy minor blemishes, which are listed below...

-6.5's are like new, cosmetically perfect... but are speakers mounting rings/grills.

-5.25's are also like new. One of the midwoofer domes has a tiiiny little dent. Doesnt effect the sound at all. These come with mids, tweets, xovers, most of the tweeter mounting hardware, midwoofer mouting rings, and manual.....Only missing the grills.
6.5 coaxials are rated 50w-120w
50w-75w rms will be more than plenty for these.

5.25 comps are rated 35w-90w
50w ish rms will be perfect for these.

They sound AMAZING for cheap speakers. There were made back when quality meant something....


6.5 coaxials ----- 75 shipped....rare and like new....
5.25 comps ----- 50 rare as these sets are, somehow someone on amazon has a few new sets of these 5.25's for 75 i priced my set accordingly.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

fedex ground

Item Pictures:

6.5 coaxials

5.25 comps (midwoofer mounting rings not pictured, but are in excellent ocniditon and included in the sale).

Ref's: Years of selling on

PM or email me with any questions.
[email protected]


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yup, 5.25's SOLD

6.5's still here. price is OBO within reason. shoot me some offers
how do the 6.5s sound?
they sound great.... they sound like the quality speakers MB Quart made before Maxxsonics bought out and raped them. I doubt you'll find better speakers for as cheap as I'm asking for these.
do you have any rep with
I've been selling on since 2005. In the first post of this thread I provided a link to my recent iTrader feedback on iTrader on only went up in the last year, but i've been selling without issue LONG before that.

here's my iTrader (again) for

here's my iTrader for

I take my online selling very serious. You're in good hands when you deal with me.
6.5's still here

i have crazy amounts of pos feedback on other sites. alot of people here know me and will vouche for me
lil low there......i'll PM you
pending deal fell through

6.5 coaxials still here. 50-55 shipped depending how far you live from fl. price is firm as thats hella cheap for german made goodness
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