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[SOLD] Orion HCCA 250R Amplifier(s) - Now $200ea Shipped

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1. Product: (1) Orion HCCA 250R Amplifiers !

2. Specs:

Florida Edition !

2 x 50W at 4 ohms
2 x 100W at 2 ohms
2 x 200W at 1 ohm
2 x 400W at 1/2 ohm
1 x 400W at 2 ohm bridge
1 x 800W at 1 ohm bridge

3. Description/Condition: Mint including Plugs!

4. Price: : Now Only $200 Each SHIPPED with Tracking Number!

Email [email protected] for Paypal Payment or Questions.

5. Pictures:


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Any trades on these?
Any trades on these?
Sorry, need the cash right now...:(
Text me at 972-697-8031 I am interested in a couple of them :)
Bumped, these need to go... sad but true :(
To everyone who has asked, the plugs are included and also in mint condition :)
Updated Listing - Now FREE Shipping with Tracking number!!!!!

More info about myself and vehicle :)

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Are these modified? 100% working condition?
Installed 11 years ago and just removed because I need the money. Never modified and working fine... I hate to see them go...
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