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[SOLD]:Sundown SAZ3000d

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1. Product: Sundown Saz3000d amp

2. Specs:

----RMS power, 1 ohm mono
3000W x 1CH
----RMS power, 2 ohm mono 1600W x 1CH
----RMS power, 4 ohm mono
800W x 1CH

3. Description/Condition: good shape. few nicks by the mount holes from previous owner. one corner has a dent on it but its small. again previous owner. has toolmaker dual inputs on it. i clamped this amp [email protected] ohms on 11.5v. dropping from 14.6v. amp works real good. i just need more power.

4. Price: : $600 shipped with the dual inputs. $550 shipped without the inputs.

5. Pictures:


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Hey I'm interested in your amp I'm new to this forum and might nit be back on here anytime soon email me at [email protected]
get your pm's up and talk on here. ill shoot you an email though.
I have t been on here long and haven't had a chance to look around much plus I'm only using my iPhone to be on here
i sent you an email already.
dude im done trying to email you. i have been trying all day. pm me on here or email me.

[email protected]
no bass knob. has original box, data cable, and manual. i didnt get a bass knob with it.
no payments yet. still here. will put this towards a stetsom 10kd and ill add cash as well.
Have the guts been moded or repaired in any way?
no mods no repairs. i sent you a pm with gut shots. im also addign the gut shot pics to this thread.
bump. lets get this gone.
You wouldn't consider a partial trade+ cash would you? I got a 15" MTX 9500 or a saz-1500d V.2 I could trade

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and where did you get those inputs? Would you sell them for $40 shipped since its only gonna cost whatever it cost for a stamp to ship usps lol

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