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sounds stupid but id like to know... (porting)

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So ive built my share of ported boxes and all came out very well and sounded great. Well I thought of something and wanted to know if this is possible. Can you take a box that would normally be slot ported on the inside, move the full port to the outside of the box for getting around areas in a vehicle? I know it sounds stupid and to think about it and picture it, its dumb but im curious as to if this would work. Pretty much it would be a sealed box with the full slot port sticking out of one side of it but connecting to the box on one side. Of course it would be tuned to spec and everything would be up to par by the times its said and done. Ive seen aero ports sticking out of boxes before and this made me wonder if this is possible.
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I believe what people consider a slot port is actually a port without flares because it normally is formed by wood, so it will be the same but tunned SLIGHTLY lower if the box is the same size as when it was inside obviously. It's the same effect i think. Calculators will ask slot or not and i believe this is why.
thanks for the info. Id like to build one but I dont want to waste the wood to try it but I may just have to to see if it works. If it does, ill have a nice looking set up in my truck
Well you def can use a port on outside if thats the simple question? Flare it somehow though.
That's the basic question. I could flare it no problem. Thanks for that info
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