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SQ subs

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Product I'm looking for:
Im looking for a pair of SQ subs preferably 10's around 400-600 rms per sub. Please show me what you guys got. If you have Amps to match the speakers that would be nice also. Looking for at least 1200 rms 2ch. And hopefully matching 4 ch amp to match. Basically looking for a whole set up.


Good condition, obviously no junk.

Time Frame (if applicable):
Some time soon would be great.


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Look up TC OEM, I know either here or on e-bay someone had a bunch FS for like 99 each. Insanity for such a good sub.
Will check them out, thanks for the info.
Hit up Audio_Phill on here, he has what you are looking for
So Cali, 909,714,626 area
i have a pair of alpine type R 10's dual 2ohm. shoot me a PM if interested.
typeRs are sq? lol
my type r actually did quite well for sq I was surprised it blended easily and only a light amount of coloring
I'm in those area codes.. Don't have any pairs that size, but I do have single Soundstream Exact 10. Old School. NIB, only used 15mins. Also a OLD DD9110b. Fresh recone from DD, they messed up gluing the surround, so it don't look pretty, but everything works fine. Any interest PM me.
Xander, what size enclosure and tunning did you have it in ?

Jimmy, have you checked out SSA Dcon 10s? Theyre $125, not sure on your budget.
Hmmm... Anything else guys? Or at least recommendations.
Oh great recommendation on the SSA decon 10's, great price and American made! Ill research into these more.
i have a focal sub for sale/trade on here and bones22 has a 9115k for sale
2 fi q 15s with bp power and a cadence dca2500 amp. $675 shipped. Sounds so clean in dual sealed boxes.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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