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Ok, well..sounds stupid I know but this is what I have to work with right now..

an AudioControl LC6i - Line output converter
Bottom of the Line Pioneer 5.25 2 ways for Front (TS-G1343R)
Bottom of the Line Pinoeer 6x9 3 ways for Rear (TS-A6963R)
I have a Powerbass 1500D on the way
No Sub
Stock HU
Optimta YT under the hood

I need some input, I want to use the speakers that I have. I need a good SQ sub that can be LOUD and sound GOOD on the lows at the same time.

I want to have as much trunk space as possible.
Low Budget
HU or not? (have the LC6i)

Help me out guys, if there are more questions you have let me know.

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SQ is all subjective. All that matters is what sounds good to you. You have the LC6i but no amp to use with it for the speakers. The money spent (if you bought new) on the 6x9 and the 5.25" drivers could have gotten you a decent set of 6.5" comps. The aftermarket speakers most times make the most improvement in your sound system. However, the comps that came stock in my wife's Sonata sound pretty damn good when I changed the headunit. I left them alone.

At this time the only thing the LC6 is going to give you is the ability to add a sub since you didn't mention a amp / amps for the other speakers. The LC6 runs between $125 - $150 depending on where you buy it and who has a sale on the unit. Others may flame me for this but I'd run a Rockford Fosgate 360.2 if I was going to try and move into SQ on a budget. BNIB 360.2 can be had for as little as $300 and give you 31 bands of EQ, Time Aliagnment, Speaker level control, Speaker phase control, crossover points and slopes and so on. Yes, its an entry level into SQ tuning while being able to retain the stock headunit. Later you can buy an aftermarket headunit and still use the 360.2 for the processing while you still learn how to tune.

As far as the sub goes there are tons of options. Most guys in SQ are going to tell you that a sub is only used as a low end fill. Some guys don't even use a sub in competition and score pretty damn good. I personally know one competitor that only added a sub to gain a 15kz signal for the foot tapping in the song "Grandma's Hands". This was the ONLY thing keeping him from winning constantly. He added a sub and won MECA for his state. But the damn thing is down so low its not noticed. In a good SQ build your attention isn't drawn to any single driver in the car. Rather everything blends to give a full soundstage that is high, centered and neutral. All you really need is something like an Ed 11Kv.2 10" in .5 cube box sealed to get what you need. And I know from experience that sub will throw some boom when needed / wanted. And its cheap!

You can always use what you have. Get a cheap 4 channel amp for the speakers you have and look for a decent cheap sub. Enjoy this set-up while you read, learn and prep your car for a better system. Do some deadening while you aquire your gear for the upgrade. Build a list of what you'd like to have and compare products. Learn about speaker / driver matching and how to tune. Keep all that upgraded gear on a shelf until you have collected every component you need for that SQ system you really want. This will include wiring, power distribution, install products like more deadening, closed cell foam for the door interiors, quality RCA's. And then do the install and don't try and do it all in one weekend. Plan and take your time and do it right. Talk to as many people as you can and read, read, read on the subject of quality installs and how to achieve the best SQ you can.

BTW: welcome to the site and the world of SQ.

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