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Well I picked up 2 of these subs and I think that they are by far the best subs that I have ever owned. I tried one of them out in my home theater with about 600-700 watts rms in a 3.5 cubic ft sealed enclosure and needless to say if I played a 20 hz tone and ran it full tilt you couldn't even see or walk straight in my room!! I tried out a 10 hz tone and ran it full tilt with no clipping and there is absolutely ZERO mechanical distortion even at full excursion. I need to make a flex video of what kind of structural damage it is doing to my house with subsonic frequencies because when I'm playing a 10 or 15 hz tone and I walk into any room in the house it sounds like the house is going to cave in!!(I live in a tiny old 2 bedroom house). Overall I would say these subs are probably some of the baddest subs ever made! I don't know of any other subs that have the output and low frequency extension of these drivers they are just absolutely amazing to listen to and impossible to describe in words as to how amazing they sound!

Sound Quality: 10/10
Power handling: 9/10
Low Frequency Extension:1000!! /10 :thumbsup:
Output: 10/10
Build Quality: 10/10
Total: 49/50
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