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Temp build, need help. Custom 18" on RD 3250v2

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Looking for some advice. I want to build a temp box to get me through the rest of winter until I figure out what I want to do for my big summer build. Might aswell use equipment that I have laying around.

Ive got a custom ssackett 18" based on an HDC318 motor and basket but it has been reconed with an aluminum coil and "lvl 5" soft parts.

Heres the weird part, this is going in an suv, with the rear seats removed, so this will be pulled close behind the front seats. Would I still go sub up port back? With that huge space between the box and the rear hatch....

I was thinking of porting it forward. But dont know how it would sound...

In my head, 5 cubes after displacements with a big port sounds good??

But I dunno, quite a bit of power for one sub.

Open to suggestions!!!
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