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The $100 130db project

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So in an ever on-going goal of efficiency in any and every way possible.. Ive taken a liking to a little woofer. The MCM 8" to be exact. Anyone in HT will probably recognize it.

My goal was originally a decent system for 100 bucks. The woofer is ~40 shipped, and MDF is 30, but the amp will be a problem.
So can we get a full system for 100 bucks? No.. but expanding the budget to ~150 should get you an amp with a SSF and a sweet little woofer.

The enclosure Ive been working on..

34wide, 11.5 tall, 10.25 deep.
L4 28.5"
L3 28"
L2 3.75"
L1 30.25"

Guide widths.
S1 .75
S2 1.25
S3 1.75
S4 2.15
S5 2.25
S6 2.75


Is it a low end monster? No, but most people going for a single 8 and low budget wont be striving for teh l0ws. The idea is, when placed properly in a vehicle, the added loading and cabin gain should get you down to 35 or more with ease (thats the idea, anyway).
An off-axis firing enclosure may help as well, but would require a larger mouth. But when placed close to a trunk wall for example, the added extension and loading should give you smoother low end. Though of course, every vehicle is different and this is a generic enclosure design, being not vehicle-specific.

So The $150 dollar mark ain't too shabby for a little woofer with a ~90db 1w sensitivity.

Note* In this enclosure, the woofer will mount inverted and max out around 200w xmax wise. It will need a subsonic set around 35hz to keep it safe.

My paycheck has been held due to weather so Ive yet to build one. If anyone else wants to give it a shot I would love to hear the results. I could also do a low-end extension enclosure for the woofer if anyone would like, though of course at expense of good sensitivity (around 6db lost for 30hz or lower in a normal ported box)

Paired with a [email protected] amp. It has a predicted spl of 125db. In car, Im guessing the goal of 130db is entirely possible.
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I'm sure you could get it quite a bit louder with a different sub choice. Why go with that sub if you don't have intentions to play below 35 Hz anyway? A sub with a higher FS would do you much better...
130 would piss me off to no end! lol Have fun though!
yes this project wouldnt be too teribly bad if oyu could find an amp, as you should be able to break a 130 with ease with a single 8 in sort of daily app
iv done something like this before, but with alot more cone area.

[email protected], 1 15'' on about 150w in a jeep tho, AKA a cheater
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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