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Have brand new pair of black top trf 12's in original packaging. These are mint and ready for some clean power. Surrounds and spiders are rock solid.
Also have other items if some golden unicorns aren't good enough (trf nib)
Looking for atomic apxx 15's
Atomic e.l.e. 18's
RE xxx 15's
Massive audio dmx stage 2 15's
Massive audio gordos
Massive boa neo or strontium
Cactus sounds mk1 or others
powerbass xs15 subs chrome or black
t3 audio tsns 15
onyx subs
ad designs level 4000 15s or 18s
tc sounds 15s
audiopulse 15s
soundsplinter 15s
elemental designs 13's
crystal mobilesound comp/compx2
ample exonic x15's
Or other older bad ass subs.
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