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tsns 15"

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1. Product: 15" tsns

2. Specs: dual 1.6 coils
test done with coils in parallel

Re = 0.9973 ohms
Fs = 30.0213 Hz
Zmax = 12.3850 ohms
Qes = 0.4096
Qms = 4.6769
Qts = 0.3766
Le = 0.5170 mH (at 1 kHz)
Diam = 381.0000 mm ( 15.0000 in )
Sd =114009.1866 mm^2(176.7146 in^2)
Vas = 145.5669 L ( 5.1406 ft^3)
BL = 12.7961 N/A
Mms = 356.5038 g
Cms = 78.8348 uM/N
Kms =12684.7461 N/M
Rms = 14.3787 R mechanical
Efficiency = 0.9036 %
Sensitivity= 91.5778 dB @1W/1m
Sensitivity= 100.6207 dB @2.83Vrms/1m

3. Description/Condition:
coils look perfect
6' blue and silver direct leads

gloss black baskets no scratches knicks

motor boots

and if you need them im sure i can get a pair of mounting gaskets

4. Price: :1400 for the pair

not looking for trades but motors might be a possibility
lightning neo
tc anything
more 4" coils
only thing is i need 4 minimum

will not split up

5. Pictures:

some pics of building them


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1000 shipped big price drop
got a pair of 18s too

ss xxx motor
raw ti basket
3 pink spiders
dual .5 coils
price is lowered to 1000 shipped
Trades for two custom madmax 10s pm me if interested so we can work something out. Of course a little cash on my end for one sub.
Pics of sub. Built by resko1

Edit: didn't see as a pair my bad
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Nice subs fosure!

Only interested in trades in my sig though
I saw 4 inch coils and I guess I was thinking 4 inch coiled motors. Ha ha goes man
yea just looking for motors
Jeebus you have all the badass shiz lol sexy subs. GLWS man

wish i had cash :(
you should see whats not listed!
you should see whats not listed!
for sale? LOL cause i have a couple XXX motors and SOME cash :D lol
everything is for sale at the right price lol

get me some pics of those motors please back plate scratches in the chrome chips in the magnets any damage and hurry up brotha!
got a pair of 18s too

ss xxx motor
raw ti basket
3 pink spiders
dual .5 coils

how much u want for those 18's?
PM me your cell and i'll have them to you at the speed of 3g!
I pm'ed you sir!
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