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what would be some decent tweets for the a pillar on my car, i dont want anything outrageous just something a lil better then what i got maybe 2 tweets per side unless thats too much. just link me a few that would be decent plz and ty
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x2 what mids do you have and will these be running active or off passive xovers?

Tweeter you linked looks pretty deep to mount in the A pillar...
Some of the dayton and vifa tweets seem pretty popular. You really need to find a response graph of your current mids (if you can..) and pick tweets to follow. This would mean pairing drivers to give you a flat response and cross them appropriately.

Ah, not to mention power handling and sensitivity.. You dont want your tweets to be insanely bright.
i have the rf power series the old silver components

and i was lookin for some smaller ones but i dont want a tweet with a huge plastic surround piece and i couldnt really find any that i liked

and i have no clue wtf active is and all that other mess is. all i know is i have 2 6.5s and 2 tweets on the rockford crossover with a pioneer 800prs deck and a jl a4300 amp
Pio 800 will let you run active and ditch the passive xovers, so you can pretty much run any tweeter you want.

I run these and like them so far. A little on the bright side compared to the soft domes I normally run, but a little EQ'ing tamed them down.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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