This has been tested with my clarion head unit and works great,
video here (I will apologize in advance for my very poor video skills, this was done in my basement as I needed a 12V battery (sump pump):
This is a very rare unit I bought new for my competition sound system. Has 8 times over sampling and 3 lasers for smooth non-skip playback. Also known as a triple 6.
Comes with all 3 magazines, Power cord, mounting brackets and screws and owners guide.
Very low amount manufactured, as this was for competition only, you can barely find anything online about it. Paid just over $1000 for it new. Tested and works excellent. Priced at $250 for the 18 disc changer

NOTE - To use more than the first magazine you will also need a High end Head unit, I also have that for sale.
Clarion Pro Audio ARX5170
Also for sale many speakers $10-50 (pillar mini's, 6" and 6x9) (will list in appropriate section)
Coming soon for sale Alpine amp (will list in appropriate section)
MTX Terminator subs (will list in appropriate section)