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Wall ideas?

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alright im planning on doing a wall in my 4 door sedan, for 4 12's 8 cubic ft box was not sure on what approach i could take to doing this i generally don't see very many 4 doors walled not that it makes much difference, was just looking for pics on how people went about mounting there boxes down and anything that would help me get a grasp on this project
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False floor, lag bolts and fiberglass
4dr is easier if the box needs to be built inside the vehicle. See if can build outside and just slide it into place as that's a lot easier.

I made brackets out of strap steel to mount the false floor that the wall sat on. I see guys go all crazy with expanding foam under the wall, etc... but I've built several and never did any of that and they all get loud and hold up well.
4th order wall ftw
yea thanks for the help, i may weld bolts to the frame and just run holes threw the false floor
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