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Wanna go active, and maybe add a center channel

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hey hows it going, i have a few questions and maybe to see what you fellas recommend.

I'm looking to go active and replace those ol' passive x overs on my mids and highs. I am using 3 sets of rca's. front rca to my mid/high amp, rear rcas, to my mid/high amp, im running components up front and components in rear as well from the same amp. i also have my sub out rca going to a mono amp for my subs. I am thinking to myself in looking for a crossover or dsp, that it would have to have those 3 rca inputs as well. I am very loyal to audio control and ran two of their 30 band eq's (one for each side of cabin) before. My question is since audio control has changed their line up since i was into audio, whats a great processor to run i can have my front rca, rear rca, and sub out go thru. Also as I'm not too inclined to change from audiocontrol, is memphis, or power acoustik a decent brand for crossovers?

I'm also planning to maybe run a center channel and try my hand at glass for the first time. Is it worth running a center, Ive heard it is great, and then I've heard its useless? I've never ran a center before and would like to know. And whats a good center?

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theres a guy on here with a 360.2. you can run all the channels you ask for even the center has plenty of EQ with time alignment and everything..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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