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what exactly to look for in a car audio battery?

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What to Look for in a Car audio battery? I really would like to know what all the reserve capacity ratings, cranking amps and ah mean, and how they technically relate for car audio purposes​
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from what im gathering and im new to this.A shuriken sk-bt80 is 80Ah and 1900CA which is supposed to be good for bout 1800 watts or so. dont quote me on it tho. jus like a shuriken sk-bt120 is a 120 Ah 2600CA batt and its good for 2400 watts according to SHURIKEN >> <<
CCA and CA don't really play a roll in car audio so much. You want to look at reserve capacity and ESR or internal resistance for starters.
Internal resistance, discharge voltage
a low internal resistance, and you want alot of ah
that is the rating for how many amps you can run for 1 hour before you get below iirc 10.4v (either way its around that and you dont want it to be that low anyhow)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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