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which set up would you go with?

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Im pretty sure i know the answer to this but because of the cone area but im curious....

4 kicker cvr 12's (i know they arent great subs but plenty for what i need)
4 solo baric l7 8's

im doing something custom where my back seat was with my crew cab and im undecided on which ones to run. I have 1 of the 12's now and 2 of the 8's already. I figured i would be cheaper going with the 8's. Both sets of subs would be slot ported and tuned to 33hz. Which would you all go with? Im kind of leaning towards the L7 8's but wanted some opinions.
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Idk... thats a motor force vs cone area argument... I'm stumped lol.
i say the crv's just because they take less to run

sell the l7s, and i would run 3 12s
Ok, with 3 12s in the mix, my vote is to find some idiot locally to pay 300 for the subs you have, then get another 300 and run 3 SA-12s. I run Kicker myself, but those SA series subs are some monsters.
The enclosure can be as big or small as I want it. I designed a box the other day to run 8 cvr 12's in multiple chamber boxes (which is what these will be) at 2.4ft^3 per sub. I'm gonna keep the kickers it's more or less a budget build to see what I can get out of them. I'm giving them the power in my sig, both amps were bench tested one did 914rms and the other did 920rms

The cvr's will be in 2.4ft^3 and the l7's will be in 1.2ft^3 that's all before sub displacement and bracing. I think that's how big the ones for the l7's are. I'd have to go back and look
the 4 12s but 2.4 per sub with 4 in a shared chamber is quite a bit. going a little smaller will help and not lose much sound at all
Sorry if it wasnt clear. They will all be multiple chambered. I don't want to risk blowing one then hurting the rest
Ah ok... with that power, I'd say the CVRs ftw. I had one on a zx300.1 in a little sealed prefab and it was no slouch, so I'm sure the results from a setup like the one you are planning would be a stout budget performer.
Do you need a box built? I wouldnt go multi chambered...
I can handle the box just fine. Why not multiple? I'm not looking to meter in any way just something for fun but will still do what I'd like it to do
Well, you're already fighting for all the space you can get, adding 3/4" between subs starts to add up.
i can go up to 20ft^3 with ease. The floor in the bottom of my truck I built is 54" x 28" its plenty big enough for all multiple chamber boxes for 8 cvr 12's in it. Im not fighting for room thats for sure. This is in a crew cab truck without a back seat in it anymore. Like I said I already have a drawing to fit 8 12's in it right now so I know I have the room lol
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