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I am a 10+ year member here.

So let me get this straight: you can post deals from ebay, craigslist, and from all over the internet, without paying for an upgraded membership or those companies paying this site for using it. Does craigslist and ebay pay CACO for all the advertising you give it?

Members have to pay to sell their stuff on here, but if I make an ebay or craigslist posting, I can just put that up the relevant section and completely skip paying your upgrade fees. So what's the point of making members pay to sell stuff if you're giving free advertising to basically the entire internet here for free, besides your own members?

Am I missing something? I could just make an ebay account and put it in the ebay section as a good find and I'd never have to pay these fees, how would you ever know it's me? :dontknow:
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