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XX-Cyclops - 4kw @ 1ohm - 500 shipped obo

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Item(s) for Sale:

Hifonics XX-Cyclops

The XX and XXV are the only decent good maxxsonics owned hifonics boards IMO. This amp does rated power and then some. XXV's are the same thing but will take up to 18v on the power side.

Item(s) Description/Condition:

Rated 4kw @ 1ohm, and does every bit of it.

Here's a review on termpro showing the xx-cyclops doing 4300w on a batcap8400.
Stetsom 7kd and XX-Cyclops

full list of specs:
Refurbished - Hifonics XX-CYCLOPS Class D Monoblock Amplifier

the cheapest i've seen these go for are in that link for 609 shipped... for a refurb in similar condition as mine. save $100 bucks when you buy mine :)

The amp has some scratches here or there, but does come with the remote gain and back cover. The board looks sexy as all hell, I can give you measurements to make a pimp cooling box like the one i had this in before. This amp will do 1 ohm daily without breaking a sweat, i'm sure it'll do 0.5ohm burps if you have the current it needs.


Asking price for the amp is 500 shipped OBO.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Fedex Ground

Item Pictures:

here's pics and vids of the cyclops going to town on my trf15 and nightshade 15:
Daddy's New Toy, Part 2.....The Vids....TRF 15 on approx 3lw-4kw music flexage
Got my bass back :) Pics and Vid... 3kw+ on a Nightshade 15, PPI Arts

ref's: i've been selling on since 2005, you're in good hands.

PM me with any questions, paypal prefered.


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man i think the xx was only good maxx stuff xxv was way diff!
i'm in orlando....

if my orion xtr 2400 sells then im keeping the cyclops....just depends on what sells first.
where are you? PM me and we'll chat
sold my orion, im keeping the cyclops.

amp is no longer for sale.
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